Japanese Dress

japanese dressThe kimono, the traditional Japanese dress, represents the Japanese culture, history and society. Kimono’s are a fitted dress for women, with a distinction in the sleeves, colors and length.

Typically kimono’s are worn with wide and airy pants. The mid section of the kimono is tied with a wide sash called an obi. Japanese dresses are often paired with wooden clogs or sandals. Kimono obi’s are usually very colorful and elaborate. Some obi’s can have a length up to four meters long may be tied in a knot reflecting a butterfly or a flower.

These Japanese dresses may be decorative or plain depending on one’s stature in life. High class women of royalty wear silken dresses; its fabric is smooth and the design is elegant. On the other hand, commoners will wear a Japanese dress made of cotton or linen material and is dull in color and design. For formal occasions, the women also wear the haori, a jacket with a narrow-paneled design that is worn over the kimono.

For footwear, the Japanese wear the tabi or the split-toe socks inside or outside their homes and with the pair of clogs. They are made of non-stretchable material with thick soles. The clogs are called geta. It is made of wood and has straps and are sturdy, both used by men and women.

Although the kimono is worn during formal occasions, it clearly represents the power and uniqueness of the Japanese people and society, resilient and beautiful through the ages.

Check out the Japanese Doll wearing the Japanese dress.

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