Asian Dress

Doll N’Asian offers Asian dolls wearing their native Asian dress.

Chinese dolls wear the cheongsam, the native Chinese dress:

The cheongsam is the traditional Asian dress for Chinese women. Designed to be a form-fitting long dress, it was originally called a qipao and is now known as the cheongsam in English. It was popularized in the 17th century by the Manchurian Conquerors of the Qing Dynasty.

Japanese dolls wear the kimono, the native Japanese dress:

The kimono, the traditional Asian dress for Japanese women. It represents the Japanese culture, history and society. Kimono’s are a fitted dress for women, with a distinction in the sleeves, colors and length.

Korean dolls wear the hanbok, the native Korean dress:

The hanbok is the traditional Asian dress for Korean women. The hanbok is characterized by clean lines and is generally designed in vibrant colors. The woman’s hanbok is made up of a wrap-around skirt, called a chima, and a short jacket, the jeogori.

Vietnamese dolls wear the ao dai, the native Vietnamese dress:

The ao dai is the native Asian dress for Vietnamese women. The ao dai dress is long and fitted with slits on the sides worn over pants and is used by Vietnamese women in more casual situations. Ao dai’s are a fusion of modern and conservative Vietnamese culture.