Asian Dolls


Doll N’Asian offers handcrafted dolls dressed in their native Asian dress. Because each of our Asian dolls are handmade by different doll makers, every one has a unique look and no two are the same. Our dolls are made of a cotton cloth material with a polyester fiber fill. The costumes are made with a synthetic fiber material (i.e. polyester, nylon) and yarn is used for their hair. The face of each doll is embroidered on and the costumes are removable for easy cleaning. Our dolls come in one size, 20 inches tall.

Our Asian dolls are suitable for children of all ages and make great gifts for Asian born children, children adopted from Asia, children interested in Asia and the Asian culture or simply a colorful and unique gift for any child in your life.

Doll N’Asian dolls are also the perfect addition to your doll collection. If you are a doll collector looking for that special and unique doll, look no further. Not only are our dolls dressed in native Asian dress, they are also made in the Philippines. So if you are looking to add a beautiful, handcrafted item to your collection, we are happy to offer you some fantastic choices.

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